Monday, June 28, 2010

Cat Lady

As a child, we always had dogs around , but cats were always my favorite. So when my husband, against my wishes, brought this wrinkly, clumsy creature with sharp teeth and a small bladder home, I was not thrilled. Although I did have to admit he was really cute.

In the beginning, we had to carry Rowan down the deck stairs to go to the bathroom and he left no shoe unchewed. My boys' shirts all had holes from his tugging and playing and I was constantly teetering between total frustration and true love.

The turning point was when one day we needed to go out and for his safety we put Rowan in the bathroom. He must have gotten into something because he became really sick, he could not hold anything down. I was beside myself, I spent that entire Mothers day alternating between crying and searching the internet for answers. I found a site that illustrated acupressure points that might stop the vomiting reflex in dogs. I massaged and prayed and my husband brought home some baby food. When Rowan had stopped throwing up the water he drank, we tried the baby food. He gobbled up the baby food and slowly, he began to recover, Thank God!

Since that scary ordeal, this slobbering helpless little creature crept into my heart and now this quintessential cat lady has crossed over....
to the dog side.

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